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Now everything changes fast as years rolled on, Sumantra with the passage of time passed out of the school portals, obtaining marks of distinction and acquitting creditably very well in being able to occupy enviable 1st and 2nd rank among the contestant competitors in recitation. He made a long stride in pursuit of higher studies of college in the face of galaxy of stumbling blocks which could have handicaped any boy of mediocrity and he qualified ably himself as an Honours graduate in the teeth of baffling financial circumstances and obtained with confidance a good Masters Degree from Calcutta University.
                          Sumantra now began gradually to come to I limelight to make a mark in a mile-stone of steady progress towards the goal, the height of glory. The elegant lustre of his meteoric rise at the pinnacle of name and fame, can be traced to the sight of packed
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2/116, Jatin Das nagar, Belghoria,
Kolkata - 700 056

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9874404422, 9836162828, 9870989707


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About Shankhamala :
There was a time when recitation was confined to the solo regimentation of the artist. But sumantra thought otherwise. The rhythm of poetry brings more joy if shared with others. So 23rd July, 1989 was the birth of "Shankhamala" a school for recitation.
                                                                     Sumantra believes togherness can cure most ailments. Shankhamala thus brings people together, across ages, across vocations, across ideologies- the only thing they have in common is their intense love for poetry and recitation. Shankhamala is not just a school for recitation, it is a medium to reach out to the poetry loving masses.
                                                                                            From 1989 one by one years have crept by. Shankhamala has manifold. What has been the outcome after all these long years? Sumantra says. "an evaluation of what Shankhamala has done for recitation and its students is not necessary.
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