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Andhokar Lekhaguccho :

Poetry of protest found a fresh lease of life when Srijato responded to the brutal assassination of Abhijit Roy on the streets of Dhaka. That he chose Facebook as a ventilator was significant as much of our social activities are either instigated or motivated by social networks like Facebook. A production by Belgharia Shankhamala of this scale and stature is a rarity for several reasons. One, contemporary Bengali poetry is rarely celebrated these days, Two, Since our Civil Society has choosen to remain mum to everything around us, such responses makes one optimistic about a participatory democracy. Three ‘’Andhokar Lekhaguccho” involves the Poet ( SRIJATO)himself, the elocutionists ( Bratati Bandopadhyay and Sumantra Sengupta ) , the musician,( Srikanto Acharya)  has scored for this and the theatre person ( Debesh Chattopadhayay) took all pains to craft a dynamic ensemble. Four, it broke free from the conventional recitation routines and dare to experiment with the form of public presentation of poetry.

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